New You



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Your kiss is bitter now
Your smokin, smokin, cigarettes
Do you miss him now
Ohhhh, and
You’re caught up in the clouds
I'm trying, trying to forget
I feel him on you now
Where’s that t-shirt from, I’ve never seen it on you
Did you put it on when you woke up in the morning?
You’re slipping away
Another mistake
Now you got me looking at the

New you
I thought I knew you
I know people change
You took my faith
With the new you

You’re body's softer now
You’re fucking me a different way
Did he show you how?
Every time I think we're alone
I see his name come up on your phone

Put your headphones on
Drown out this song
Play your new music baby
The old you is gone

With the power of the new moon in me
I'll forget who you used to be
Erase the hurt you brought my heart
And give you and I a different start

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